One of the superior features of the Craft Cruiser is the adjustable seats. Riders at a height of 4’9” can pedal with no trouble. There is a weight restriction of 300 lbs. per seat. All riders must be at least 21 years of age whether or not there is alcohol on the cruiser. Please be prepared to show valid ID upon boarding.

BYOB of beer, wine and malt beverages is allowed. NO hard liquor and NO glass is allowed. All beverages must be consumed on the vehicle and passengers must serves themselves and abide by all applicable laws. Two in-floor coolers (66-liters) are provided and ice is included. We recommend bringing water or other non-alcoholic beverages. Snacks are great as well, don't forget napkins or paper plates as necessary. You many bring beer in cans or plastic (NO glass bottles), wine in boxes or plastic bottles (No glass bottles), or malt beverages (hard cider, hard lemonade, wine coolers). NO jello shots, pre-made mixers, pouches or anything else that contains hard liquor. A built in tap system is provided on board for kegs. We recommend an 8-gallon standard keg ('pony' keg), the tap is provided. Complimentary return of the keg if purchased at Consumer's Beverages. Note that kegs are only allowed for parties on private property.

Yes! We currently have two (2) Craft Cruisers in our fleet, so if our schedule permits, we'd be more than happy to bring both along for your ride.

Of course! PLEASE follow pub crawl etiquette so Craft Cruiser tours are always welcome!

1. Pay in CASH or have one or two people run their credit card (16 credit cards is WAY too much).
2. Give the bar a heads up when you're on your way, your driver will give you the number.
3. Be PATIENT and respect the regulars in the bar.
4. Order pitchers if possible!
5. TIP and thank your wait-staff (15-20% is customary), even if you're only using the restroom.

Click “Book Now” on any page to begin the booking process. You can also call 716-249-1499 or email us at with date, time, and route requests. The full amount of the tour is required at the time of booking. The Craft Cruiser requires a two-hour minimum. Rates are:
Monday - Thursday: $170/hour
Friday - Sunday: $199/hour
Check the website and our Facebook page for promotions and discount opportunities.

The Craft Cruiser is a "slow roll" so pedal lightly and enjoy! On average we travel around five miles per hour.

A maximum of 15 passengers can ride, minimum of 8. There are 10 pedaling seats (five on each side) and two non-pedaling seats above the rear wheel wells. There is a bench in the back that seats three people and one standing position. We provide the driver and host/hostess.

The Craft Cruiser typically rents for 2 hours. On Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, the cost is $199 per hour ($398 for 2-hour tour). Monday through Thursday, the rate is $170 per hour ($340 for 2-hour tour). We accept full payment at the time of reservation.

The Craft Cruiser has taken every measure to make the megacycle as safe as possible. We offer many safety features not offered by other bicycle pubs including: Pedal deck – Allows riders to set their feet down while the Craft Cruiser is in motion. Other bikes have nothing between the pedals and the street. Turn signals, headlights and brake lights – Because the Craft Cruiser often shares the road with motorized vehicles, lights and signals are necessary. Interior lights fully illuminate the vehicle and they look pretty sweet too. Adjustable seats – A person who’s 5’3” should not be expected to pedal at the same height as someone who’s 6’4”. Adjustable seats ensure rider safety and that they’re more stable and comfortable during the ride. Helmets – Helmets are provided for riders that wish to wear them.

Yes, you can bring food on the Craft Cruiser. We recommend you bring snacks and water! There is ample storage space. Some groups prefer to stop for pizza or get takeout from one of the many restaurants/bars along the route.

Yes, we have a stereo and an auxiliary cord for an iPod, mp3 player, or cell phone for your favorite playlist. If you do not bring music, the bike features an iPad with a Spotify Premium subscription allowing your host/hostess to play any music (within reason) of your choosing.

If you had a great experience, tips are appreciated for your driver and your bartender. Our services are treated much like the restaurant industry where 20% is customary.

Your imagination is the only limit! The Craft Cruiser is perfect for any special event where family, friends and fun are involved. Parades, bachelor/bachelorette parties, corporate events, pub crawls, fairs, tailgating, church events, family outings, picnics, single mingles, beer clubs, progressive food tastings and more.

The Craft Cruiser provides a driver and a host/hostess on most occasions. The driver will make sure you get from the beginning of the tour to the end safely. Your host/hostess will help keep things tidy, help run the stereo/iPod, take pictures and more.

If you cancel with 30 or more days until your scheduled tour, you will receive a refund on your tour. Cancellations between 14 and 29 days until your scheduled tour will receive a rain check valid for 90 days. Cancellations made fewer than 14 days before your scheduled tour cannot be refunded and will not receive a rain check.

The Craft Cruiser runs rain (snow) or shine, so please dress for the weather. If severe weather does occur, Craft Cruiser reserves the right to offer a rain check. If you have already started your tour, we are, unfortunately, not able to offer a rain check.

Because the Craft Cruiser is human powered, it is up to the riders to get the mega bike back to the designated starting point on time. Craft Cruiser team members will do everything they can to get tours back on time. If you do go over your tour time, however, a fee will be assessed. Please refer to our Terms and Policies for further information.

Check out our Routes page for details on the routes through Western New York. We also offer customizable tours, please call 716-249-1499 for details.

Craft Cruiser team members are always in charge. If any member of your party is acting in an irresponsible manner (as determined by our team members), they will be asked to get off the Craft Cruiser and will be responsible for finding their own way back. The person who made the reservation (the renter) is responsible for getting everyone in their group in and out of bars/stops.

A liability waiver is required by our insurance provider. Everyone who rides is required to sign. Just like on a traditional bike, it is possible to fall off and/or get scrapes/bruises. We offer helmets for your safety. However, you may opt out and choose not to wear a helmet. Riders accept all responsibility in case of an accident/incident/injury.

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